Spore Hosting Privacy policy

Spore - Your hosting provider

We respect each of our client's privacy.

We will never share or sell your info or data to 3rd parties. The data uploaded is your own property and we are strong believers in that.

That said, hosting accounts will be manually monitored at random times to check if the client complies with the terms of our service and auto-scanned for uploaded malware/shellscripts and other hacking tools for the safety and well-being (plus respect) of all of our clients and of the spore-host as an entity.

Privacy-wise we wont keep any kind of backups on external servers for security reasons - For that reason we have in FAQ a guide on how to set-up CRON jobs in cPanel to keep your own backups (that will cost you some of your ssd space) and you and ONLY YOU is responsible to download and keep an offline/local (your computer) backup of YOUR files. Only exception to this is, if we agree on a price (depending the size) and you ask us to keep off-site (external secure server) backups to have have daily backups available any time, to you personally and auto-restored when/if needed.