Spore Hosting Terms and Conditions

Spore - Your hosting provider

ZERO-TOLERANCE (non refundable)

1) Porn. Any kind (From child to mature). Not accepted.
2) High server resources abuse scripts.
3) Ticket/Staff Abusing (Tickets for no actual reason, tickets for already explained in TOS, Knowledge base or FAQ. Bad mouth).
4) Hacking related hosting/Copyrighted material hosting/Nulled scripts. All are forbiden
5) In case your host get compromised or massively attacked (eg. dDOS) for continuous days.
6) Public file-sharing tools/scripts (excluding content creators(registrant), who owns the shared material)
7) Non-moral respecting or public shaming of anyone or any kind.
8) Proxy scripts or anything H/P/V/C related (including "carding")

If we (spore host) suspect, or find out after reviewing the server logs, that you (the client) try to bypass/hack/alter other clients hosting or the main host. This includes perma-ban for using our services ever again. In any of those cases (depending the case and severity) we might report to authorities without any notice beforehand.

Refund Policy

You are eligible for a refund only 5 days after (each) payment, for the last payment you made just in case you changed your mind after testing our services or found a better solution for your needs. After the 5 days only RARE cases and under certain circumstances may be refunded, partially or in full. In case of refunds (partial or full) LTC, BTC or XRP could be done at the running rate of each cryptocurrency value, and in case of Paypal there is no need to dispute/claim any transactions, and if done so funds will be pursued/claimed as you should/must in any case inform us of any problem or concern of yours, hence disputes/claims are against our TOS, even worse if you havent come in contact with us, in which case immediate service(s) termination and user/client ban will follow.

Account terminations

Except the zero-tolerance (non refundable) rules, if we (in rare cases) ask for any proof that you are the rightful owner of content uploaded or your data seems to not respect our privacy policy, you must provide any documentation that proves it, or reply & comply after the 1st warning you get. If not your account will be terminated and may be partially refunded, depending the case. We will never randomly terminate accounts for no reason, and no warning (except the zero-tolerance rules).

Backups and restoration

Privacy-wise you and ONLY YOU is responsible to keep your own backups (see FAQ). Best practice is not to host multiple domains on the same shared-hosting account, if one gets infected others are vulnerable too.

Responsibilities as a client

You are responsible for:
1) Backups
2) Payments (before due date)
3) UPDATING any CMS or other hosted scripts (by you - the client) (eg Wordpress)

You cant blame us for any data loss if you did not keep your backups, you didnt pay on time or any of your scripts arent updated.

Payment ways

We currently accept payments with PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple through CoinPayments gateway. All payments are, will and must be (temporary) considered as donations (as the main target group we look is individuals, freelancers serving their clients, hobbyists and web developers).